Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Josh and Cheli

We have...
2 buns in the oven!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Loving the days!

I am so happy that I have been able to plant some of my garden already. And I mowed the lawn today...I love to mow the lawn!! :) You know that's right. I am happy to inform all my faithful readers that my asparagus did not die and I have some coming up already. Woot Woot!! I know... I've got to toot my own horn on that one. Cant wait to do the rest of the garden. If I could it would already be planted.
That's all that's going on in the Barfus Home!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Grandpa Barfus "A Damn Fine Man"

We have lost a truly great man. I finally got to let him know that...I fell in love with him even before I knew who he was. He was just so cute..those gigantic ears (I can only hope Josh will get them as he gets older) the smile he always wore on his face. I loved him. I just hope he knows how much I love him. You just couldn't look at him and not smile. I loved it when he told people that he final got out of jail. He truly was a remarkable man. He will be missed deeply. But I know we will see him again, and that he is happy now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something new in the Garden!!

Something is new in the garden over at the Barfus Home!!
Any ideas what could be new?
Nope its not weeds I am talking about...they are always there!
I thought I killed them before I even got them planted this year.
I have been wanted them for along time.
Mom and I and Reena and Ida would find them by the railroad tracks on our walks at night.
Did that help anyone?
They are green.
They come back year after year.
They need well-drained soil with full sun light.
Lets see who can guess it.
*mom you cant because I already told you!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yummy smells running around the house!

So my Mom and I made Strawberry Jam today!!! I know you are all jealous of Home made Jam. Right this very minute I am making bread to go along with my Jam... Yummy Yummy!! I can't wait to eat it all.. Lets hope it all taste as good as i hope it will!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

fighting is not the answer...make love not war!!!

Saturday our little Daisy May got into a fight with Chunky bear. Daisy got hurt; we had to take her to the vet. We had to wait about two hours for the vet to call us back but we got her in. She broke her jaw on the bottom all the teeth between the canine teeth are now gone. He first tried to hold the teeth in place by wiring her canine teeth to her other teeth but he didn’t have a small enough wire and then he realized that her front teeth were broken in half like it just shattered the bone. I had to hold her while he tried to fix her luckily he did sedate her a little it made me sad to see her like that. He put two stitches in her mouth to hold her lip to her gum area so her lip wouldn’t droop and then he put tissue glue on it also to help hold in place in case the stitches came out. So she has been a little sad and she won’t go by chunky bear yet. Hopefully the stitches will hold and by the time the family reunion she will be all healed!

To day is Daisy's Birthday she is 5 years old!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I took the bus home from work on Friday!! What a time I had!!! Here it is... Josh had to work late so as I walk over to get the keys to the car I look up and see the bus stop sign...and I think to myself I wonder when the next bus is and as I think this to myself I look down the road to cross the street low and behold the bus is headed my way!!! Is that fate or what? Now I thoughts running through my head do I take the bus or do I go get the car and then I will have to drive all the way back here to pick up Josh, and is it even going into Hyrum. Walk away or step up to plate sort of speak. So me being brave or stupid climb right on that bus as if I had planned to be there all along just waiting for it to take me where I need to go. So as I sat down on my seat, looked around all I see is high school kids in the back ready to jump me 4 real they all have this look on their first thing I think to do is pull out my safety net A K A Cell phone and send a text to my friend Sarah and Tamra and then one to Josh! Now with all that done with I pull out my other safety net AKA Book and open it and read a couple of lines before I notice out of the corner of my eye this kid energetically bopping his head to his I pod and the guy next to him just looking at the kid like what the hell are you thought was he knew the kid that’s why he sat by him when there were plenty of open seats to choose from...but then I thought maybe the bus was full and that was the only open seat available at the time of his arrival on this magical transport device. So this bus went on a Nibley route then as I thought oh its heading to Hyrum it made a turn and now I don't even know where we are I have never been to this part before. I notice this funky little smell I don't quite know what it is but it definitely smelt funky! I then get a text from josh and he said if all else fails I could just come back to work and at that exact moment we pass by icon and that is close to where I work and all I thought was that oh my its going in a little circuit so when it gets to where I got on I will get off. Nope it goes to the transit center in Logan…but that is ok with me…I was just glad it didn’t just go in a little circuit.

So now as I get off the bus I ask the driver if he knew which bus I take to get to Hyrum…he said I think it’s the CVS South you take and points in the general direction of the bus. So now I see buses over in that general direction and think oh no I am going to miss the bus…so I go at record speed…but not too fast as to get looks from others and then all the buses leave and now I don’t know if I missed it or if it hasn’t gotten here quite yet. So I ask this nice man reading a book he happen to know which bus went to good old Hyrum…he said the same thing CVS South and that he was not too sure and that I could find out in the building. I thanked the nice man and made my way into the big scary building! I do believe it had a pungent aroma almost like a locker room or a hot office room with a whole bunch of big guys sweating to death at a boring business meeting. I look for map or something like that but instead I found a glass window with some people in it so I walked myself to this glass window and officer B. Larson was there and so I ask my question to this nice officer “which bus do I take to get to Hyrum” and he also said the same thing the other two gentlemen had said to me “ The CVS South will take you that way” then he looked at a map and said the bus stop is over there and that wouldn’t depart until five. I thanked him and set out about my way. Walking quickly outside, to relive my nose of the pungent aroma in the building. Outside at last I find the first available seat and sit down, grab my phone to check the time and goodness me oh my it's only 4:30!!! I have a half hour of freezing outside…so what do I do I pull out my book my safety net! After about 5 minutes of reading I decide I better find my pick up spot before all the buses start to arrive! There it was CVS South!!! Yeah I have found it, glorious and wonderful…I will get home soon!

Still not sure I am in the right spot I pull out my book to pass the time…this nice young lady sits by me on my little bench. I lean over her and ask if this the bus that will take me to Hyrum and she confirmed yes this is!!! So I began to tell her about my time on the bus! And we talked for about 15 minutes! Then there was this awkward lull in the conversation…which is normal for me if you know me at all! So I read some more and the bus big and beautiful pulls up Hurray I am going home!!!! We all climb aboard and take our seats as if they were assigned to us, and promptly at 5:00 it takes off! As I get almost home Josh calls and says he is done with work now! As the bus gets closer to my stop I pull the wire and I didn’t think it was going to work I swear that it was so stiff and hard it didn’t want me to get off! But as I walked off the bus I thanked the nice driver, and thought to myself Holy crap that took forever!!!!